This page has the Church Instagram captions for your Instagram feed that your friends and followers will love. We know what it takes to capture that special Instagram-worthy picture, so why not give it the perfect caption. Your happy place is too incredible to not have the perfect caption to match it with. When you show off your Church pictures on Instagram, you deserve the best caption. We will provide you with the best Church captions for Instagram. Share your faith with the world while capturing your followers’ attention with the most interesting, unique, and deep Church captions for Instagram.

Church Instagram Captions for Church Lovers

Finding the best quotes for my instragram page has never been so easy!

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Church Instagram captions for all your meaningful photos below:

  1. The church is a moral power, not a political one.
  2. The parson knows enough who knows a Duke. – William Cowper
  3. Come, let us celebrate God with our whole being.
  4. Sometimes you have to stop doing and just be. Thanks for reminding me to do that. 
  5. Your friendship is a blessing.
  6. Just a group of lovely church friends waiting for the doors to open. 
  7. Come, Jesus, come into my heart, and let thy treasures be mine forevermore!
  8. Let not Christians be limited to the church.
  9. Use things, not people!
  10. What’s more important? The Lord? Or the service in his name?
  11. Keep your friends close but your squad closer 
  12. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. -Unknown
  13. I have so many church friends who will freak out when they read this.
  14. Our real family is in heaven, and my adopted family is here on earth. Love you guys! 
  15. If fishing were a religion, then fly fishing would have been the high church.
  16. The two most important days of your life: the day you were born and the day you were born again.
  17. This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.
  18. When we make plans, God laughs.
  19. God never fails.
  20. When in doubt, PRAY.
  21. When you align yourself with God, you end up winning.
  22. Angels are always closer than you think.
  23. Let us use our ministry to help and guide people.

Church Captions for Instagram for Your Church Picture

Below you will find the best Church Instagram captions:

  1. Loving life at the prettiest little church.
  2. You are a beautiful expression of God’s love to the world.
  3. God loves you even if you don’t attend church, but you miss those who love him back.
  4. We love celebrating life’s big moments with you at church.
  5. Little faith, little growth; great faith, great growth!
  6. Yeah, you’re out there now doin’ God knows how, and I’m stuck here havin’ a record year. – Record Year, Misunderstood
  7. Your head cannot hear until your heart has listened.
  8. May the site of worship be the tree and its visitors be the leaves upon its branches.
  9. While 1 reads the bible, 99 will read the Christian.
  10. God’s answers are wiser than our prayers!
  11. None of it ever comes easy, A bunch of it you maybe can’t use. I know I don’t probably know what I think I do, but there’s somethin’ to some of it. – Some of It, Desperate Man
  12. The Lord never asked us to be obsessed with what he has said. Just believe. #believe
  13. The angels are always closer to you than you actually think.
  14. The only time you should look down on a man, is when you are helping him up!
  15. The only way to Heaven is through your heart.

Church Instagram Captions You’ll Love

  1. Let us love one another, for love comes from God.
  2. Whether in church or not, he who is good is good.
  3. Lift our voices in worship with us this Sunday as we thank God for all He is!
  4. Good morning church.
  5. We celebrate our church friends and give back to the community we love.
  6. Try Jesus! If you don’t like Him, the devil will gladly take you back!
  7. Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. -Joseph Addison
  8. Life is better when you surround yourself with people who lift you higher.
  9. Make prayer your steering wheel, not your tire.
  10. All you got to do is put a drink in my hand. – Drink In My Hand, Chief
  11. A perfect church may become imperfect the moment we join it.
  12. I have so many church friends that are the funniest people I know.
  13. No sacrifice is too great for me to make in the name of God. #sacrifice
  14. God opened two gifts for you this morning. Your eyes.
  15. Christianity is not all about church membership.
  16. Life without Jesus is like an unsharpened pencil. It has no point.
  17. Around here, we’re just a few friends who get together on Sundays to share life and worship God. But really, we’re much more than that. #LovelyChurchFriends
  18. My church friends get it. They truly do.
  19. Ministering to those who are LOST AND FOUND
  20. As long as there isn’t any preaching I love the church.

Awesome Church Captions

  1. If you love God and love people, he will provide opportunities for you to make great things happen.
  2. Close not the door, even if the entrant is not a Christian.
  3. The lovely church is a non-denominational church for people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who want to love and be loved by God.
  4. Churches that are not boring.
  5. Life to the Fullest…♥️
  6. I am feeling thankful for our wonderful church family and friends!
  7. Little faith, little growth; great faith, great growth! -Anonymous
  8. Prayer is the mighty missionary work that needs to be instilled in all.
  9. Make the church a school for the imperfect.
  10. Don’t forget to put a smile on the face of the person who seems down.
  11. Allow your soul to take time to rest in God’s lap.
  12. Let the church, like Jesus, not exist for itself.
  13. Turn the quiet up, turn the noise down. Let this ol’ world just spin around. – Smoke A Little Smoke, Carolina
  14. Mornings like this make it hard to say goodbye for the weekend!

Church Captions

Below you will find Church captions for Instagram that will make your followers smile:

  1. Sinning alone is easy. Worshiping alone is difficult.
  2. How can we exaggerate God?
  3. God is greater than any problem you have. -Anonymous
  4. Lovely, friendly people = a lovely, friendly place.
  5. It’s not about the popular. It’s not about what we see, or hear, or feel. It’s all about Jesus.
  6. My church family is my home family. They are always there for me, and I am so thankful for them.
  7. Let us use our ministry to build people.
  8. Church is like fudge… sweet, with a few nuts!
  9. Join us for our next Sunday Service. We are so excited about all the things God is doing in and through His Church.
  10. Sometimes there are no words.  #lovelychurchfriends

Instagram Captions for Church

  1. Embrace the concept of God. That itself means you have submitted to him.
  2. We are all in this together . Happy Sunday, Friends!
  3. What the world loves may be what God abhors.
  4. God is greater than any problem you have.
  5. Grateful for thoughtful friends and the sweet, sweet promise of eternal life.
  6. A lovely church is where the community comes together as a family—a church where our focus isn’t on bricks and mortar.
  7. Remember that God is bigger than your problems no matter what you’re facing. 
  8. Make the church a place of mercy in so much indifference.
  9. No problem is too great to place in God’s hands.
  10. Always be a friend who is honest, loyal, and true.
  11. When it comes to friends, my church family comes first.
  12. The church is where followers of Jesus meet to give and receive support.
  13. Lovely church friends in a morning prayer time.
  14. Fix our worship places, and our nation will be fixed.
  15. Our church is more than just a building. It’s home. Our family. Our forever friends. #thereisawaychurch
  16. Intolerance is not something that the church teaches.
  17. I’m about as imperfect as they come, but I’ve been invited to share God’s plan for my life anyway. That’s grace.
  18. Let your imaginations fly from the church to beyond the stars.
  19. The One who holds the universe in place,
  20. Light up your life every day and be part of our church community.

Captions for Instagram – Church

  1. The lovely church is about teaching the next generation to live a life full of purpose and equipping them with everything they need to do it.
  2. Difficulties shouldn’t discourage. They should actually rouse. #rouse
  3. Unreserved blessings come only to the one who has unreserved faith. #faith
  4. Weekends are made for catching up with church friends  #churchfriends
  5. Praise God for Your blessings in every form  #churchfriends
  6. Enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning at church with friends.
  7. What we know as the New Testament is truly about Jesus.
  8. God doesn’t do it to you – he does it for you!
  9. I believe there are many in the church who aren’t true believers.
  10. There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than the bond between friends 
  11. My upbringing in the church has been a boon for me.

More Church Captions

  1. Your head cannot hear until your heart has listened. -Anonymous
  2. God is real, and so are his promises. Love your church family.
  3. What may break God’s heart will break mine too.
  4. When you don’t know what to pray for, give thanks for everything.
  5. You have friends in this city! Invite them to church and then hang out with them afterward. It’s an important part of building community!
  6. Treat everyone the same, for all are the children of God.
  7. Here we are gathering—friends old, friends new, community life in full swing. Thanks for being a part of it all with us.
  8. The true wonder is the only thing that can save our beliefs.
  9. You can always count on your church family no matter what you’re going through. Thankful for these lovely church friends.
  10. Don’t let fear steal your brave heart. Don’t let doubt take your faith heart. It’s okay to cry, but don’t never break heart. – Never Break Heart, Heart
  11. So you’re telling me there’s a chance… That the impossible is possible because faith can move mountains.
  12. Come as you are you can change on the inside.
  13. Most days in life don’t stand out, but life’s about the days that will. – Talladega, The Outsiders
  14. Love is patient, and love is kind. It does not envy, and it does not boast, It is not proud.
  15. Choose the Bread of Life, or you are toast.
  16. At the heart of worship is the appeasement of the Almighty.
  17. The early church helped collect the gospels and other writings.
  18. Are you looking for a meaningful relationship with Jesus? If so, let’s connect.
  19. Being committed to the church doesn’t mean that you are committed to Christ.
  20. Live life lovely! Be inspired! Empower others to inspire! @CHURCH
  21. Funny how a melody sounds like a memory. – Springsteen, Chief
  22. Let us love one another because love is from God. And everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.
  23. Rather than our service, God wants our fellowship.
  24. Where God builds a church the devil builds a chapel. – Martin Luther
  25. No hand in the deck can beat a pair of hearts. – Through My Ray-Bans, &
  26. Come, rise believers. Look up. Take courage.
  27. The MOST important thing I got from church today was a NICE LAWN 
  28. Faith isn’t a science or an art. It is but a belief from deep within us.
  29. For the people that are too beautiful for religion, come to have your best year yet at LOVELY CHURCH!
  30. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

More Church Captions for Instagram

  1. Short stacks of fluffy pancakes drenched in maple syrup served up with a side of friendship. #gooddeeds
  2. A church unity celebration is the most joyful time of year. Life is better when we are together.
  3. Need a new life? God accepts trade-ins!
  4. Did you remember to pray for your church friends this week?
  5. Never miss a weekend service. No matter where you are, feel like you’re in a church with us every week. Our worship team has something for everyone! #lovelychurch
  6. Even when the church may block the light, religion stands unbent.
  7. There are so many that go away from the church in search of God.
  8. You don’t have to take the time to create a masterpiece. Sometimes, you need a little creativity.
  9. Do you only care about your family making it to heaven?
  10. I thank God I ain’t what I almost was. – What I Almost Was, Sinners Like Me
  11. You holdin’ me holdin’ you, it’s a hell of a view. – Hell of a View, Soul
  12. Whether or not one is a Christian, he is a child of God.
  13. Trying to be the message is what makes any person a Christian. #christian
  14. In the Church, considered as a social organism, the mysteries inevitably degenerate into beliefs. – Simone Weil
  15. If you are not where you once was with God……Guess who moved?
  16. We need to accept that the human spirit grows strong by conflict.
  17. It isn’t a lack of wonders that is making values perish. #wonders

Final Remarks

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